Exploring 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335

Are you looking for a peaceful and serene place to call home in the beautiful state of Texas? Look no further than 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335. This location has so much to offer, including unique features like breathtaking views, accessibility to some of the town’s best amenities, and excellent connectivity. In this blog, we will explore all that the location has to offer, from its public facilities and shopping and dining options to educational institutions and job market analysis. 

Introduction to 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335

Falfurrias is a city in Texas located in Brooks County. It is known for its small-town charm and friendly community atmosphere. Nestled in the heart of South Texas, Falfurrias offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of big city life. 1200 W CR 104 is installed within this picturesque setting – a hidden gem awaiting those seeking a peaceful place to call home.

Property Description

The property features spacious living quarters with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and a well-maintained outdoor space for leisure and entertaining. The 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 property offers an ideal living space with its spacious layout and well-maintained outdoor area. Whether you’re a family looking for room to grow or someone who enjoys hosting gatherings, this property has it all. The multiple bedrooms and bathrooms provide ample space for everyone, ensuring comfort and privacy.

Step outside into the beautiful outdoor space to relax, unwind, and entertain guests. Enjoying a morning cup of coffee on the patio or hosting a barbecue with friends and family; this outdoor area offers endless possibilities. The well-maintained grounds provide a picturesque backdrop for any occasion, with lush greenery and vibrant flowers adding a touch of natural beauty.

Exploring 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335

Discover the distinctive attributes of this location, including the unique geographical and architectural features. Gain insight into the accessibility and connectivity of the area, highlighting transportation options and infrastructure. Understand the amenities available at 1200 W CR 104, focusing on residential conveniences and recreational facilities. Explore the public facilities surrounding the property, emphasizing communal spaces and services. Uncover the nearby shopping and dining options, providing details on local establishments and entertainment venues.

Unique Features of the Location:

Enjoy the proximity to essential amenities, scenic views, and natural surroundings. Embrace the peaceful and serene environment surrounded by rich cultural and historical significance. Rest assured in a safe and secure living environment, ensuring comfort and peace of mind. The location’s unique features offer a perfect blend of convenience and tranquility, creating an ideal living experience that harmonizes modern comfort with natural beauty.

Accessibility and Connectivity:

The area benefits from seamless connectivity to essential services and offers easy access to major transportation routes. Residents also enjoy excellent connectivity to nearby cities and convenient public transportation access. Not to mention, the location is well-connected with modern infrastructure. All these features make the area highly accessible and ensure a smooth browsing experience for its residents. We also respect your privacy notice and aim to enhance your browsing experience through the use of our site and analytics partners.

Amenities at 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335

Explore the range of public facilities available within this community, offering convenience and accessibility for residents. Discover the diverse shopping and dining options in the vicinity, ensuring a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. Gain insights into the neighborhood overview of 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias, TX 78335, providing a comprehensive understanding of the area’s unique charm. Uncover firsthand resident experiences of living in this serene and culturally rich location. Additionally, delve into the job market analysis, offering valuable information for potential residents and investors.

Public Facilities:

Residents of this area benefit from access to top-notch healthcare facilities for their medical needs. The location provides state-of-the-art recreational amenities, ensuring the community’s high quality of life. Additionally, various educational institutions are nearby, offering convenience for families with children. Essential public services are readily available, contributing to a seamless living experience. Moreover, the area boasts well-maintained public parks and spaces, enhancing the overall urban environment.

Shopping and Dining Options:

Shopping and Dining Options

Residents can enjoy a diverse range of shopping outlets and retail stores within the vicinity, offering a convenient and varied shopping experience. Additionally, the area boasts an array of dining options, providing residents with a dynamic culinary scene and an opportunity to explore different culinary experiences. Furthermore, the location ensures convenience with nearby grocery stores and markets and a variety of entertainment and leisure options for residents to indulge in.

Living in 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335

Living at 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias, TX 78335, offers residents a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. With access to top-notch healthcare facilities, residents can rest assured knowing that their medical needs will be addressed. The state-of-the-art recreational amenities available in the area also contribute to a high quality of life, providing opportunities for residents to stay active and engaged.

1. Neighborhood Overview

The locality fosters a close-knit and diverse community, promoting unity and inclusivity among its residents. The area provides a multicultural environment with meticulously planned residential spaces, ensuring a supportive and welcoming neighborhood. Residents benefit from a strong camaraderie and enjoy the amenities and facilities available within the vicinity. The neighborhood’s thriving community and organized living spaces give visitors and prospective residents a positive browsing experience.

2. Resident Experiences

Residents in the area embrace a tranquil and harmonious living environment, nurturing strong social connections and bonds. The locality offers a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity among its residents. Furthermore, it provides numerous opportunities for personal growth and development, creating a supportive and nurturing community.

3. Job Market Analysis

Residents in the area can access various employment options spanning multiple industries, providing a favorable and promising job market for career growth and advancement. The location offers diverse employment opportunities, benefiting from a robust and expanding job market, contributing to the neighborhood’s overall appeal. It allows residents to enjoy a promising job market with prospects for long-term career development and expansion.

4. Educational Institutions

The vicinity around 1200 W CR 104, Falfurrias, TX, is home to various educational institutions serving the community. Families have convenient access to elementary, middle, and high schools near 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335. Additionally, colleges and universities are located within a reasonable distance, providing educational opportunities for students pursuing higher studies.

5. Petrol Pumps

Convenient access to petrol pumps is available near 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias, TX 78335, ensuring easy refueling options for residents and visitors. The vicinity offers multiple petrol pumps, providing ample choices for refilling fuel tanks without inconvenience. Residents and visitors alike can benefit from the accessibility of these refueling stations, enhancing the overall traveling experience in the area.

Investing in 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335

Investing in 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335

Location: Situated south of San Antonio and west of Corpus Christi, Falfurrias offers a prime investment opportunity. The 1200 W CR 104 property boasts a spacious lot, a large workshop, and a well-maintained home. With a robust agricultural industry and growing economy, Falfurrias is ideal for rental properties or future development. Local amenities such as parks, restaurants, and shopping make it an attractive location diligence, and a reputable real estate agent is crucial when considering real estate investments.

Real Estate Trends:

Recent real estate market analyses surrounding 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias 78335 indicate promising growth potential. Investors can take advantage of the positive trends in this area, foreseeing profitable opportunities. The current real estate landscape near 1200 W CR 104, Falfurrias, TX, displays optimistic indicators for long-term development and financial gains.

Future Development Plans:

Anticipated development plans near 1200 w cr, 104 Falfurrias, TX 78335, offer an optimistic outlook. Ongoing and upcoming projects are set to elevate the area’s infrastructure and amenities, presenting a compelling opportunity for potential investors. The future development initiatives around 1200 W CR 104, Falfurrias, TX, indicate promising growth prospects, making it an area of interest for those considering real estate investments. With an eye on the future, these development plans are poised to enhance the appeal and value of the location.

Traveling to and from 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335

Falfurrias, situated in southern Texas, is conveniently accessible via Corpus Christi International Airport, which is around 70 miles away. Travelers can opt for rental cars available at the airport or use US Route 281 or Texas State Highway 285 when traveling by car to reach the town. Additionally, local transportation options, including taxis and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, provide further convenience for getting to and from 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX.

Transportation Options

Transportation Options

Residents and visitors near 1200 W Cr 104 Falfurrias 78335 can access various transportation options, enhancing connectivity. Commuters benefit from the convenience of numerous nearby transportation choices, ensuring easy accessibility to and from the location. The diverse transportation options, including local taxis, rideshare services, and major highways like US Route 281, provide a seamless commuting experience for individuals using our site. This array of transportation options significantly improves the browsing experience for residents and visitors alike.

1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 offers a unique small-town charm compared to larger Texan cities. With a population of around 4,000 people, Falfurrias may have limited amenities and attractions. However, it provides access to nearby natural attractions like the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.


Investing in 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 can be a wise decision. With its unique features, accessibility, and connectivity, it offers convenience and comfort to its residents. The amenities, including public facilities and shopping and dining options, cater to the needs of every individual. This location provides a wholesome experience with a vibrant neighborhood, an excellent job market, educational institutions, and petrol pumps for easy access. 

The real estate trends and future development plans make it a promising investment opportunity. Traveling to and from 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 is hassle-free with various transportation options. Compared to other Texan cities, it stands out as a desirable place to live. Don’t miss out on the chance to join this thriving community.

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